Industry Focus

JRJ Group has chosen its industry focus mindful of the outperformance that sector-specialist managers often achieve relative to generalist groups, reflecting the benefits of operating in a space that one knows best.

The industry category of financial services covers a wide diversity of business models, products and services, and customer groups. Examples of financial services sub-sectors include retail banking, commercial banking, investment banking, securities brokerage, commodities brokerage, asset management, private banking, payment processing, fund administration, financial technology (including both software and transaction platforms), life insurance, reinsurance, property and casualty insurance, credit insurance, speciality insurance (e.g. marine, aviation), insurance brokerage, speciality consumer lending, speciality commercial lending, trust services, debt management and purchase.

JRJ Group’s multi-dimensional experience is especially suited to guiding high potential, mid-sized companies through the strategic and operational challenges presented by growth. Access to appropriate management and producer talent, regulatory expertise, expert risk management resources and business planning capabilities can be crucial to the developmental progress of a growing financial services company.

All of JRJ Group's investment professionals have spent their careers in the financial service industry - both as operators and investors.