Identifying and taking advantage of secular influences is central to JRJ Group’s investment philosophy and approach.

The financial industry’s economic importance, diversity, and demonstrated ability to re-shape itself in response to a range of stimuli -including changes to technology, changing customer preferences, shifting economic conditions, and regulatory change- generates a continually renewing universe of investable trends.

JRJ Group deploys capital across a wide range of financial services sub-segments, and selectively in other industries, focusing on economic arenas manifesting attractive and exploitable fundamental momentum characteristics. Within this context, JRJ’s principal focus is on European-headquartered small and mid-sized companies, which have achieved a reasonable degree of operating maturity, are cash flow-generative, and have substantial unexploited areas of product/regional growth potential.

JRJ Group will consider investing in selective start-up situations involving particularly strong management teams with relevant track records.

In all cases, JRJ Group is careful to exercise appropriate and meaningful levels of control. It provides an operationally-oriented investment approach, with each portfolio company receiving substantial partner and senior resource focus. As investors well-grounded in operational realities, JRJ Group is able to devise and implement business development plans effectively and, where necessary, complement management and functional specialists to effect value creation.