About Us

JRJ Group is a private equity investment firm with a core focus on the financial services sector

The company is a growth-oriented investor and provides capital, deep operational expertise and expert strategic guidance to its portfolio companies. JRJ Group invests across the spectrum of the financial services sector and opportunistically in select other industries, particularly focused on mid-sized European-headquartered businesses, providing strong growth potential.

The financial services industry is hugely diverse, with a range of business models operating across myriad sub-sectors, serving a variety of customer types, and together comprising one of the largest areas of global economic activity. Within this context, JRJ Group employs an intensive research-oriented approach to the identification and analysis of compelling investable trends, and of those companies best positioned to exploit these trends.

Growth and value creation are achieved through application of an active management approach. This is facilitated by JRJ Group’s unparalleled access to top calibre human capital across the global financial services industry, as well as its ability to leverage an extensive network of top-level contacts within financial institutions, governments, regulators, and other financial industry decision-makers.

JRJ Group regards the financial services industry as presenting a wealth of exceptional investment opportunities. Investing across the full breadth of the financial services universe requires specialist skills. With a team that understands the risks and complexities presented by the regulatory and customer environment, the firm is a uniquely positioned and knowledgeable investor in the financial services industry.

The firm is one of the largest financial services focused private equity teams and has considerable experience in building and managing a diverse portfolio of global financial services businesses.

JRJ Group was founded by Jeremy Isaacs and Roger Nagioff, professionals with decades of senior experience in global finance.